Dear Members,

With Easter now behind us for another year, I’m pretty sure we can all say that was a different Easter experience for all of us, we hope you all had a safe and enjoyable one. We are now entering week four of the industry shut down due to the Covid19 crisis. This has meant the “Club” as many of you know, has temporally ceased trading.

Your Club has now opened both a Takeaway Food outlet and Bottleshop, offering members a further choice including home delivery, this essentially keeps a presence around the club and hopefully once established will contribute to the fixed costs associated with maintaining the building. Those members that are supporting these offerings, we thank you for your continued support.

The club owned caravan park, Oxley Anchorage Caravan Park continues to operate although under restrictions relevant to the caravan park industry. It would be fair to say the last six months have been trying times not only for the business community of Harrington but for the whole community with the bush fires in the area and now the covid19 crisis. At Club Harrington, we are committed to coming through these challenges and ensuring we are a part of the Harrington community for many more years to come.

On a more positive note whilst we would rather be opened, we are not wasting the opportunity to upgrade and conduct essential repairs around the club, along with minor renovations to our main toilets. 

Administration of your club continues albeit somewhat reduced but all relevant government compliances are still being met along with the club’s financial responsibilities. Although at this time we are unsure when or what a reopening may look like, we are working hard behind the scenes to meet the challenges before us to ensure once it is safe to reopen we are in a position to do so. Recent years of strong financial performances has left the club in a healthy position to see out the current shut down crisis, however, we are working hard to ensure we come through this crisis in the best possible position given the uncertainty of the immediate future. We are looking forward to welcoming you all back whether you play bowls, bingo, trivia or just enjoy a social drink, once it is safe to do so.

Like many businesses your club has registered for the federal governments Jobkeeper program to help assist those staff eligible although it has now been passed through parliament, at the time of writing this we are currently awaiting the details and the application processes and the finer details, we are hopeful this should happen this week so we can action this for those eligible staff.

On a sadder note during this shutdown period the club has lost four of its more well-known members including one of its life members. On behalf of the entire team at Club Harrington, we pass on our condolences to their families and friends during this already difficult period.

Please remember to look out for each other during this period of social distancing, and we look forward to welcoming you all back, sooner rather than later. 


Michael Burgess ACCM, JP
General Manager

Kerry McDonald
Chairman of the Board