Fishing Club


  1. Membership is aimed at amateur fishers and encourages participation in organised
    Club activities with a view to social enjoyment.
  2. Two Categories of Fishers are recognised – Rock, Beach and Estuary (RBE) as well
    as Bluewater (BW) – one membership covers both categories if a member wishes to
    fish both.
  3. Cost of membership is $10 per annum – Juniors are free providing a
    parent/caregiver is a member – membership renewal occurs after the AGM which is
    generally held in early June. Committee office bearers are also elected at the AGM.
  4. Membership divisions are as listed in Rules and Procedures.
  5. Monthly Competition Outings are conducted (see separate calendars) with a Weigh
    In and a free BBQ for members (at Oxley Reserve near Club, between midday and
    1pm on the Sunday of the Outing) – Points are awarded as per Rules and
  6. Eligible Species are as listed separately.
  7. An Annual Presentation Night is held at Club Harrington in May each year – Various
    Awards are presented on this night. For example, the winners of prizes for each
    outings, the Largest Fish of each species caught during an Outing for the year,
    Largest Fish of each species caught Out of Outings for the year, Special Awards as
    determined by the committee, Champion fisher in each category and division as
    well as Overall Club Champion.
  8. Our primary source of revenue is from Raffles which are conducted at Club
    Harrington at 7pm on the 4th Friday of each month. – members are encouraged to
    come to the Club and support these raffles.

    Persons interested in becoming members can leave their details with reception at Club
    Harrington and a member of the committee will make contact.

Rules and Divisions

Bluewater and Rock Beach Estuary Rules and Divisions

  1.  All fish to be weighed in Gilled and Gutted (RBE) and/or Whole (BW) – Each fisher must have their own Esky etc at Weigh-Ins – Note for BW – 10% of overall weight deducted at end of year when determining overall Club Champion (ensures equity between weights of BW and RBE.
  2. Fish can be weighed in at Harrington Bait and Tackle, Taree Fish Co-Op, with Recorder or at BBQ Weigh In (at Oxley Reserve near Club, between midday and 1pm on the Sunday of the Outing) – no other weigh-ins permitted.
  3. A maximum of 2 Weigh-Ins (BW) permitted during an outing – slips submitted after the outing BBQ will not be accepted. – BW may fish RBE on days unsuitable for BW – Max 2 days if fishing in RBE (Fri – Sun)
  4. Boundaries for RBE – Southern Wall of Camden Haven Inlet to Northern Wall at Tuncurry. Wallamba River east of Pacific Highway, Camden Haven River east of the Pacific Highway, Manning River downstream from the Martin Bridge, Lansdowne River downstream from Ghinni Ghinni Creek.
  5. Boundaries for BW – Laurieton in the north and Tuncurry in the south – fish must be caught at sea and in a boat.
  6. Personal safety and caution to be exercised at all times – BW Fishers may elect to fish in RBE division if weather is unsuitable for BW fishing – at all times Fishers in boats elect to leave wharf at their own risk. The parent/guardian is responsible for safety and supervision of Junior members
  7. If a monthly species prize is not awarded for an outing, that prize will carry over to the next month – if still not awarded, it will cease.
  8. Outing Dates may change due to inclusion of Mid North Coast events.
  9. Fishers must fish and/or attend a minimum of 4 Weigh-Ins during the year to be eligible for end of year prizes.
  10. Points are calculated per fisher – 10 points per kg – 1 point per fish and 5 points for attending weigh-in BBQ.
  11. Size/bag limits are as set but may change to comply with NSW Fisheries Rules.
  12. Abalone gut is banned by NSW Fisheries for use as bait. Any member found using abalone gut for bait will be disqualified.

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